100 to 1000 times faster

ONAP.exe(parser) is a multi-threaded program, and optimized to parse nmon logs, so parsing speed is extremely fast.

Our test cases show that it takes 25 minutes to parse 6000 nmon files of 30 GB.

The test environment used is as below:



Occasionally, large-sized nmon file causes over-memory allocation of excel, and makes excel stuck.

It can be very painful for any user to analyze a nmon file with hundreds of MBytes size; or a hundred or more of  10MB size files.

ONA Plus is able to handle these cases, and enable the users to analyze the results immediately as needed.


Sample cases in a regular environment.  (not our test environment above.)

Sample file: 50MB nmon file of AIX 7.1 server, with a configuration of 43 cores (SMT 4) and 2500 disks.

Laptop to run analyzer: Windows 10 / Intel Core i5-6300U 2.4GHz / 8GB Memory / SSD

Excel Version: MS-Office Professional Plus 2016


– nmon Analyzer 5.0.2.

nmon analyzer 5.0.2 took 29 minutes to load this file, with excel using 2.4GB memory near the end-time of loading.

After loading was completed, it took another 21 minutes to save as an excel file, and the final excel process occupied 1.9GB of memory. Since our MS Office is the 64 bit version, 1.9GB memory doesn’t cause a memory problem. However,  it would get stuck loading for the 32 bit MS Office excel.

The total elapsed time was 50 minutes to view a 50MB nmon file. Resulting excel file is 235MB.


Shown below are generally popular charts of the results:


It took over 2 minutes to bring up the above images from the result. (There were hundreds of work sheets because of 2500 disks and 44 cores)


– ONA plus:

ONA plus took only 2 seconds to load the same nmon file, and presented the results instantaneously as below:


In addition, ONA Plus also shows process performance charts as below;


…and , the Filesystem trend chart is also provided as below;


In addition, we wanted to test a group of nmon logs, each around a certain size.

Sample Files:  126 nmon files totaling 986MB, each file approximately 8 MB

The loading time with nmon analyzer 5.0.2 for one 8 MB file took 40 seconds, plus an additional 12 seconds to save as an excel file. 126 nmon files totaling 986MB might take in excess of 100 minutes for results to be viewable. Even as each file finishes loading, we’ll still need to wait for it to be saved in excel before we can begin loading the next file. As for the results, they’re simply individual separate results for each nmon file. It is not easy to merge or integrate the individual results even though a merge macro is available for use.

It took ONA Plus about one minute to load.  (Please refer to the youtube link below:


The process of about one minute plays from 1 minute 30 seconds into the clip.)

In addition, and fortunately, ONA Plus provides an integrated view for all results as follows:



Besides providing the integrated view simply, ONA plus is also able to drill down in detail as in the previous capture images above.

For a very quick run-through of ONA plus features and function, below is the link to a three and a half minute clip below for your viewing convenience:



To sum up, ONA Plus is 100 to above 1000 times faster than the excel nmon analyzer, especially if we consider efficiency and persistence of time for both parsing and analysis.  It ‘s hands down the nmon Analyzer to use for productivity and efficiency. It also provides an integrated view of all nmon data; in addition to detailed views of individual servers.