Getting Started – onTune nmon Analyzer

onTune nmon Analyzer -Getting Started

Quick Start

1. Click “New” button.

2. Select nmon files by clicking “Select nmon log files”.

3. Click “Next” button.

4. Type a name you choose for this transaction. This will be used later when using “Open” .

5. At a dialogbox saying “Specify TOP process option”, click “OK” button.

6. A processing label will appear. (“End Time” is the estimated processing completion time)

7. When finished, a final dialogbox will appear.

8. To open another chart, click “Show Chart” button as below.

– A dialogbox will appear. The panel to the right display nmon items. Double-clicking an item will display the chart, even without checking the checkbox.

– By checking the checkboxes of several items, and clicking “OK” button, all charts of the selected items will be displayed.

9. For selecting multiple servers, the nmon items in the items box changes accordingly in order to display results of multiple servers in one chart.