onTune SPA Technical Specifications


  • Windows 7 or later, (Windows Server 2008 R2 or later recommended.)
  • 2 GHz Quad Core CPU or better
  • 4 GB Memory or more (If number of Agents are more than 500, consider to add memory.)
  • Storage : Refer to 1.3.2 Calculating Storage Requirement


  • HP-UX : HP-UX 11 or later
  • AIX : AIX 5.1 or later
  • Solaris : Solaris 5.x or later
  • Linux: Redhat, SUSE, Ubuntu, Linux Kernel Version 2.6 or later, (If Linux Agent will not work, request appropriate onTune Agent to support team with your Linux kernel information.)
  • Windows : Windows 2000 or later

Viewer/Event Manager/Event Viewer

  • Same as onTune Manager
  • For Viewer and Event Viewer, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8

Calculating Storage Requirement

The storage volume requirement is calculated based on performance data collection interval and storing period.


The number of servers to be monitored

Short term performance data collection interval (Sec)

Short term performance data storing period (Day)

Long term performance data collection interval (Sec)

Long term performance data storing period (Day)

With onTune default settings for performance data collection intervals and storing period, to monitor 100 servers needs about 2.5GB for each, 250GB in total 1 year after installation of onTune. 70% storage capacity consumed to store short term performance data. Calculate your storage requirement using this experience. However this number is only used for limited purpose, onTune does not guarantee calculated capacity is enough in your environments.

The real requirement of storage volume depends upon the number of servers, CPUs, Processes, server users, number of disks, IO adapters. So this calculation may be different your real requirements. And this calculation only considers storing collected data, you have to consider backup policy.

Network Considerations

onTune modules communicate other onTune modules and databases thru TCP. You should check FIREWALL configurations, and allow using following TCP ports and communication direction.


Connection Origin IP Dest. IP TCP Port (*) Direction
Agent -> Manager IP address of Servers to be monitored Manager IP 18893 oneway
Manager -> Event Manager Manager IP Manager IP 18894 oneway
Manager -> Database Manager IP Database IP 5432 (PostgreSQL default)

3306 (MariaDB default)

Event Manager -> Database Event Manager IP Database IP 5432 (PostgreSQL default) oneway
Viewer -> Database User PC Database IP 3306 (MariaDB default) oneway
Event Viewer -> Database User PC Database IP oneway


Comment (*) TCP port settings may be changed. The connection port to database is the listening port of the database engine.

TCP Port: If you install onTune base packages including database such as PostgreSQL or MariaDB, default listening port – 5432 for PostgreSQL or 3306 for MariaDB – will be used. Confirm availability of this port with your network administrator. If these default database listening ports are in use for other purposes, please  change the listening port, and separately install the database.